Easy V-Stitch Scarf – Free Crochet Pattern

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This project is fun and easy to make, a great stash buster and fun for gifts or to add to your crochet shop! Feel free to use the finished product for commercial purposes without contacting me, but please do not claim this pattern as your own, redistribute, or sell as your own. If you do use the finished product for commercial purposes, please be so kind as to give me credit for the original pattern! I would appreciate that so much!


Materials needed:


Abbreviations used in pattern:

  • ch – chain
  • dc – double crochet
  • ch sp – chain space
  • pfst – puff stitch
  • st – stitch

How to do the puff stitch:

  • Yarn over and insert hook into stitch
  • Grab working yarn and pull up a loop
  • Yarn over again and insert hook into same stitch
  • Grab working yarn and pull up another loop
  • Yarn over and pull through ALL loops on hook
  • Chain one to lock in the puff stitch

The Pattern:

  1. ch multiples of 3 +5
  • If you are wanting a thicker scarf, chain 23. For a medium thickness, chain 17 or 20. For a skinny scarf, chain 14. The skinnier the scarf is, the longer it will be, and the thicker the scarf is, the shorter it will be, so keep that in mind.
  1. In 4th ch from hook, [1 dc + ch1 + 1 dc]. Skip 2 ch. In next ch sp, [1 dc + ch1 + 1 dc]. Repeat until only one ch remains. 1 dc in remaining ch.
  2. Ch3. in middle of v-stitch from previous row (that is the ch1 between the two dc), do [1 pfst + ch 1 + 1 pfst]. Remember that each pfst needs a ch1 to “lock” in the stitch, so between the two pfst you will need that extra ch! Repeat until you have the space remaining between the first v-stitch of previous row and the ch3 (the ch’s skipped from the first row). Dc 1 in that space.
  1. Ch 3. In middle of v-stitch (the ch1 sp between the 2 pfst), do 1 v-stitch [1 dc + ch1 + 1dc]. Repeat until you come to the sp between the last v-stitch of previous row and the ch3. Dc 1 in that st. 
  2. The pattern will repeat, alternating between dc v-stitch and pfst v-stitch. Do this until desired length, or until you have used the full skein of yarn!
  3. To tie off once you have finished the last row; ch 1, cut yarn so that there is a bit of yarn still attached to the scarf (we will call this a tail), and sew in the tail. You will also need to go back and sew in the tail on the first end of the scarf!

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